Walkin' Wheels 

Wheelchairs for Pets

Walkin' Wheels makes adjustable wheelchairs for dogs that can be adapted for different stages of use (legs still partially bearing weight versus non-functional) and resold after use. Walkin' Wheels is a New England company, based in New Hampshire. 

Here are some helpful videos produced by Walkin' Wheels about setting up and using their wheelchairs.  We can also assist you in the clinic. 

You can order Walkin' Wheels wheelchairs using our Veterinary Referral Number (----) by clicking the button below.  You will need to measure the distance from your dog's flank (where the skin of the thigh on the front meets the abdomen) to the hindfoot of the same leg while the limb is in a normal slightly flexed position.  You will also need to measure the distance from back of the thigh to the armpit.  There are photos on the Walkin' Wheels website that will help you make these measurements, and if you prefer we can make these measurements in the clinic for you. 

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