Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

What is PEMF?

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is the administration of an intermittent, or pulsing , magnetic field across the body or parts of the body. Therapeutic electromagnetic field signals have a low frequency ( unlike harmful EMF signals ) that support circulation , muscle relaxation , and tissue healing in the body while decreasing inflammation and pain.  PEMF supports ATP production, and since that is the main fuel of our cells, we get improved energy for healing or for activity.

Why use PEMF?

   PEMF has been shown to decrease pain and swelling and is used to extensively for joint, muscle and nerve pain. It improves antioxidant levels in the body which combat the effects of inflammation and improves gene expression to resolve inflammation. PEMF has shown to improve nerve regeneration and prtect against nerve cell death and therefore is often used for disc disease and other diseasesthat affect the nervous system. PEMF improves the speed off healing and improves tissue strength after injury. It has been shown to improve healing at thelevel of deep tissues like bone, cartilage, and tendons - the last two tissues being notoriously difficult to get to heal well naturally.

     We have seen benefits with:

  • Sports injuries including Psoas and foot injuries 

  •  Arthrits 

  •  Disc disease of the back and neck

  •  Neurological diseases including degenerative myelopathy 

  •  Slow healing wounds including lick granulomas

  •  Heart disease

  •  Kidney disease, both chronic and acute

  •  Inflammatory bowel disease


How Does PEMF Compare to Therapeutic Low Level Laser Therapy?

   One of the big advantages of PEMF compared to low level laser therapy is that the PEMF has much better penetration to the body. As a result, Perf can reach and treat the deeper muscles involved injury and compensation patterns and can be used to treat the deep organs of the body and will affect all the muscles and ligaments in the area, rather than needing to be focused on small specific areas like a laser.Class IV lasers can cause tissue overheating; therapeutic PEMF does not have that risk. Some cases that do not respond noticeably to laser therapy can respond well to PEMF. In addition, PEMF is safe to use in cancer patients, while safety of lasers cancer patients is questionable. Finally, that refuse to be handled, PEMF is a good option as it can be applied safely and effectively across a carrier, while most lasers require application to the skin.

What to Expect?

   Though some animals are uncertain about new sensations at first, many find it calming and relaxing. Often cats will voluntarily curl up                  inside the loop. For fractious cat, it is easy and effective to apply the PEMF while they stay in the comfort of their own carrier.

       The PEMF machines create a clicking sound which does not seem to bother most animal. It cannot be used in patients with pacemakers or during chemo.

    Animals may be sleepy afterwards. We encourage the to drink adequate water before and after treatments, as cellular detoxification pathways can be enhanced. For this reason, we usually start with a 10-12 minute session and for later sessions apply PEMF for 20-30 minutes as appropriate. Some animals may benefit form vitamin and mineral support in their diets concurrently .

    Most patients respond best initially to weekly sessions for 5-6 weeks with continued benefits, though we cater treatment the individual. 


Riley was unable to receive his PEMF treatments for approximately 4 months.

During this time, it was clear his overall wellbeing began to slip. His

walking, stair climbing comfort, and overall stamina began to suffer.  Not

to mention I saw a noticeable decrease in his level of self-confidence.

Additionally, one of his rear legs became weaker, he developed a lump on his

spine with some accompanying pain.   My greatest fear was that Riley was

beginning to experience a kind of relapse for many of the things which we'd

been treating.

Riley has now resumed getting his PEMF treatments in conjunction with

sessions for acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment.  I am pleased to

report that he has started to completely rebound. He is gaining rear leg

strength; stability and his confidence is growing!  Also, the lump which had

appeared on his back has begun to dissipate.

Each day I see steady improvement in his overall wellbeing.   I was and

continue to be a strong advocate for the benefits of PEMF therapy.


-       David Houle

All Creatures Holistic Health

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