Amy Matthews, VMD Ph.D
Co-Owner/Medical Services

   Dr. Matthews grew up in a household that embraced all healing options, with an M.D. for a father and chronic illness in the family that caused them to explore all holistic options. Her own formal education echoes that early start. She went to the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship to pursue the full breadth of Western scientific knowledge, and graduated with a VMD as well as a PhD in Immunology.  Her immunology thesis lab explored cancer vaccines, oral immune tolerance, and brain-specific immune responses, because immunology is just that interesting!  After interning with a specialty clinic for a year, and spending another year in general medicine, she realized she longed for better options to support health and started a journey in holistic healing options that continues today.  In 2004 she was trained in NAET, an allergy treatment that helped resolve her own allergy symptoms. In 2005 she became a veterinary acupuncturist after studying at Colorado State University.  In 2006 she trained in chiropractic with Pedro Rivera at the Chi Healing Institute, and then in 2007 pursued advanced chiropractic training with Carl DeStefano of Health Pioneers Institute.  Since then, there has been in depth training in Chinese herbal medicine with Steve Marsden through CIVT, and Western herbal medicine with various teachers including David Winston; specialty acupuncture training with Dr. Are Thoresen with a particular focus on cancer; training on pulse diagnosis with Ann Cecil-Sterman; and training in Theta healing, which is an energy technique that has been very beneficial for patients with behavior issues.  She was also fortunate to get to work with holistic veterinary specialists Dr. Angela Erickson-Greco at Animal Health Practice and then with Dr. Allys Maybank at Frontier Wellness Center during her first 10 years in CT.  Her patients are the best teachers of all. 

She is fortunate to live with two incredibly charming dogs (a standard poodle and a corgi cross), as well as a very tolerant big black cat, two kids to keep her on her toes, and a fabulous husband who occasionally manages to get her to slow down.

Tom DeMichele, Co-Owner
Administration & Operations

   After graduating from Bryant University Tom began his career in corporate America with CIGNA HealthCare, Travelers and eventually moved into the consulting arena.  It was near the end of this corporate journey when life presented a series of health challenges to his first Golden Retriever, Chelsea.  By seeking a more natural and holistic approach to her healing, life took Tom down one of THE most rewarding and enriching journeys he'd taken to date.  It was seeing the tangible gains in her health and quality of life that inspired him to explore more deeply the benefits of pairing holistic and western modalities.


Fresh off of his experience with Chelsea, he opened a natural products store in Simsbury, CT.  His goal was to provide the community with a means to purchase clean food, herbs, supplements and participate in workshops intent on empowering people to care better for themselves and their animal companions.  

Joining Frontier Wellness Center in 2008 further deepened his holistic passions allowing him to work closely with Dr. Matthews, clients and their amazing patients.

Tom is  excited and enthused to have Dr. Matthews as a business partner while they both work incredibly hard to bring quality holistic veterinary care to the community.

Tom makes his home in North Granby, CT with his partner David and their Golden Retriever, Oliver.

Tony Arre,  Practice Manager

   Tony has spent his time after graduation teaching Martial Arts “Tricking” (a form of Sport Martial Arts) and Gymnastics to students of all ages. This was a job he was well suited for due to a high level of talent shown and developed in his younger years (you can ask him about it!). He was loved by not only his employer and students but by the parents of the students he was teaching as well! After an injury put him out of work, he was introduced to holistic health care for animals by a friend who asked him for help with her dogs at a vet appointment with Dr. Matthews. Tony has always preferred using a natural approach whenever possible when it comes to his own health but had never been exposed to this as far as animals go. He has always believed in the body’s ability to heal itself. After that first visit with his friend's dog, it made perfect sense to him that the same concept applied to animals. Circumstances one day led to Tony stepping in to help restrain and calm a dog he knew, and his ability to stay centered and in control yet gentle and receptive to guidance in that moment greatly impressed Dr. Matthews, who encouraged him to apply for a position - which he promptly got! Tony has always had both cats and dogs while growing up and loves animals of all kinds. He truly enjoys working with new and old patients and interacting with their humans as well. He learns so much from them all, and looks forward to every day in this new and wonderful field he found for himself quite by accident!

Outside of work Tony is very busy raising his young nephew whom he absolutely adores. He currently has 2 beautiful cats that he rescued. His hobbies include sports karate, gymnastics.

Deb Sullivan, RDH

Dental Services 

   Deb Sullivan, RDH, has specialized in cat and dog dental hygiene care since 2002. Her original training in animal dental hygiene work in California included both academic study and an apprenticeship. She had a natural talent for the work, and quickly ended up running clinics and working in multiple veterinary offices throughout Los Angeles. After moving back home to CT in 2008, her passion for dental health care drove her to go back to school for human dental hygiene training to enhance her knowledge, skill and perspective. She has a thirst for knowledge and attends continuing education classes relating to both human and animal dental health. Her animal dental work involves cleaning not only the visible surfaces of the teeth, but also careful work removing tartar from under the gums where it causes the most damage. Her teammates at All Creatures would say that Deb’s the dental skills she possesses are rivaled only by the love for animals that almost literally shines out of her. Deb has taken many shy or reluctant animals and surprised their owners by “sweet-talking” them into getting their work down. As she says: “My love for every animal provides me with the desire to help them to the best of my abilities and work as meticulously as they will allow.”  When not treating or playing with animals, Deb enjoys gardening, cooking and writing children’s stories.  Deb and her partner Peter share their home and life with multiple rescued pets: 2 cats, 2 dogs, a mustang horse and a lot of tropical fish!  She looks forward to working with you and your pet!

Kim Fleck, Social Media

   Kim is the creative mind behind our social media presence, and a powerful force for doing-good in the world. She is the founder and owner of Brand Fearless which is based on the idea of social media for social good. She is a social media manager, storyteller, educator, podcaster, iPhone photographer, artist, author, speaker and creative content producer committed to BRANDING her clients fearLESSly. Part of her passion is creating real connections between pet lovers at home and those who serve them. Kim is a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association and has a story in Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of Twelve Cats, Through Their Eyes. She enjoys sharing “Wisdom in the MEOW” from her rescue cat Wu Kitty on Facebook and Instagram, where they have quite a following! At one time she had 22 rescue animals sharing her home. She is passionate about making sure every animal she connects with is well cared for, and she has a way of spreading that passion to those around her. Her love of animals and skill with social media has helped her create meaningful connections all over the world. For more of her work, check out the podcast Healing Is in Your Hands at; the Be In Wellness speaker panels on Facebook and on Instagram; and her own personal wellness journey at fearLESS" Wellness Journey on Snapchat @feral20.


Nick Vince, MagnaWave/PEMF

  As far back as he can remember, Nick has always been around animals and naturally gravitated toward them. Often at parties, he's that guy hanging out with the dog in the room rather than with the other partygoers.

After graduating college with a degree in creative writing, Nick worked in the retail field. As time passed and his dog Nessa grew older, she began to develop many of the ailments associated with aging. A so Nick and his mother began to look for alternative methods of treatment to support her as she got older and help her recover from such injuries as a torn ACL, and later a bout of vestibular disease. It was through the pursuit of holistic therapies that Nessa received the help she needed, and continues to this day to be a spoiled, grumpy princess who is adored by all she meets. Seeing these positive results proved to spark an interest in holistic healing for Nick, so when the opportunity arose recently to work in this field he jumped at the chance.


Nick has joined the All Creatures Holistic Health team to take the lead on a brand new offering, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). Nick brings with him dedicated MagnaWave training, a strong passion for this modalities ability to elicit and support healing and solid experience treating patients with it.

Outside of the office, Nick is both a published writer and an unpublished poet, which is a fancy way of saying that he really likes words. He also voluntarily runs a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game for teenagers, and another for his close friends. Never at a loss for words, you can feel free to ask him all about it while you or your animal are receiving PEMF!

 DeeDee Czelazewicz

Veterinary Technician/Reiki

  DeeDee Czelazewicz is a self motivated, and enthusiastic alternative professional with a positive attitude and insatiable love for all types of animals.  She first became a certified Reiki practitioner in 2007 and receiving her Advanced Reiki practitioner degree  from Reiki Master, Tonya L. Heartsong in 2009.


DeeDee  volunteered at the Connecticut Humane Society for over 12 years, gaining experience with cats, dogs, chinchillas, rats, mice, ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits.


DeeDee feels blessed to be apart of the All Creatures Holistic Health family where she's able to regularly indulge her passion for helping animals relax, stay calm and achieve the best healing experience possible.


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