Tails U Win in Manchester is a wealth of information and support regarding postive-reward based training. 

Horses and Hounds in nearby Granby, CT, is host to Pawsitive Steps training by Kim MicHalewicz. 

Sandy Meadow Farm in Westfield, MA, is a highly regarded nearby training facility. 

Our Companions in Manchester has excellent basic training and knows how to manage (and welcomes) reactive dogs in their classes and pack walks. 

Dogology in Canton has a great reputation and a special fondness for and effectiveness with German Shepherd and pit bull type dogs.  They also welcome fearful and reactive dogs in their classes and pack walks. 

Divine Canine Solutions in East Hartford does basic classes as well as more advanced work with athletes and dog field trips.


Nothing replaces a personalized consult about what is best for an individual pet and family, but here are some good foundational resources. 

The risks and benefits of spay/neuter procedures for dogs is reviewed here by Laura Sanborn.  Most if not all of the data presented is still topical, though breed specificities are sometimes glossed over.  This is a dense read, for those who are very motivated!

Dr. Michelle Kutzler reviews the pro and cons of ovary-sparing spays, among other sterilization techniques, at this website

Ovariectomies, or uterus-sparing spays, may be slightly less invasive than the typical ovariohysterectomy (spay) performed in the USA and still provides sterilization as well as prevention of pyometra and mammary tumors.  Here is a scientific take on the issue, and here is a slightly more emphatic article writen for the public

The Parsemus Foundation lists by state the known veterinary surgeons who perform ovary-sparing spays, ovariectomies (uterus-sparing spay), and vasectomies.



At All Creatures we encourage different diets depending on the individual and their issues, but raw diets are one form of feeding we support when appropriate and love educating clients about!

There are several excellent local stores that carry raw: Horses and Hounds in Granby, Dogology in Canton, Sweet Pea in South Windsor. 

Bravo Pet Foods in Vernon is a nation-wide supplier of very high quality frozen raw and freeze-dried foods for dogs and cats.  Some of their raw foods are HPP sterilized.

Oma's Pride in Avon is another excellent local supplier of balanced raw food diets. 

Victory Dog Food in Portland, CT, is yet another high quality frozen raw dog food supplier. 

Answers Pet Food in Pennsylvania makes a very high end organic raw food diet.  They include fermented vegetables, which most closely mimic the intestinal vegetable material most carnivores consume.  

Darwin's Natural Pet Food in Washington state has options with organic vegetables and grass-fed, free range animals. 

Top Quality Dog Food is a reputable and, for many, more affordable option that involves meeting a delivery truck on certain delivery days to pick up the food. Not all their food options are balanced. is a very detailed and well thought out reference page regarding raw food diets for cats.  It was written by Dr. Lisa Pierson. 


Our clinic is set up for routine and specialized hoslistic health care during set hours. For illnesses or injuries that may require hospitalization or surgery, or for issues that occur when our doors are not open, we recommend contacting either your local veterinary clinic if available or one of the following hospitals. 

The Emergency Veterinary Center of Canton has a strong history of glowing reviews. 

Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut in West Hartford has 24 hour emergency service. 

Connecticut Veterinary Center of West Hartford also offers 24 hour emergency service.  

Avon Veterinary Emergency Referral in Avon offers evening, weekend, and holiday care. 

New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care in Windsor provides 24 hour emergency care. 


Sometimes issues arise where the best option is to seek the expertise of a specialist in another area, such as neurology, ophthomology, cardiology, surgery, oncology, or internal medicine.  Here are links so some excellent specialists. 

NEUROLOGY:  Dr. James Hammond and his team at Pieper Memorial in Middletown. 

Dr. Laura Krzykowski is a neurologist at Veterinary Specialists of CT. 


Dr. Isabel Jurk at Animal Eye Care of New England in Whately, MA, is a fabulous specialist who tries to accommodate ocular emergencies. 

Eye Care for Animals has a location in Warwick, RI, and one in Norwalk, CT.  

Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine in North Haven has two ophthomologists on board. 

CARDIOLOGY:   Dr. Nancy Morris at Mass Vet Cardiology in Agawam, MA is a boarded cardiologist.

Drs. Madron and Treseder at Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine are veterinary cardiologists in North Haven. 

SURGERY:  Dr. Steven Lesham is an experienced and compassionate boarded surgeon at a 24 hour facility in Canton, CT. 

ONCOLOGY: Dr. Debi O'Keefe at NEVC in Windsor has access to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

Dr. Carrie DeRegis is the oncologist at Pieper Memorial in Middletown. 

NEVOG in Waltham, MA, is devoted entirely to oncology but adjacent to other specialists, and had radiation capability.  

INTERNAL MEDICINE:  Internists are available at Veterinary Specialists of CT in West Hartford, NEVCCC in Windsor, and Pieper Memorial in Middletown. 


Though skeptics persist, we've been persistently impressed by the helpful and quite accurate information gleaned by many animal communicators.  Included below are a few we have had good experiences with as a community. 

Dawn Allen of MA offers phone consultations and has over 20 years experience. 

Nedda Wittels of CT does animal communication as well as energy work.  She also has more than 20 years in the animal communication field. 


Complete Canines with Michael Shikashio and Moira Hechenleiter who specialize in canine aggression and separation anxiety 

Our Companions Cat Behavior Counseling has extensive experience working with cats with all kinds of behavioral issues, and can provide practical usable advice. 


When muscle weakness or abnormal posturing/gaiting is a dominant pattern in a patient, physical therapy can be an important part of their improvement.  We include below a list of excellent physical therapy options in CT. 

At New England Canine Fitness and Rehab in Enfield, CT , Michele assesses and treats all the patients. 

Dr. Abbott oversees physical therapy at Pieper Memorial in Middletown, CT. 

Wizard of Paws is exclusively devoted to the practice of physical therapy for animals.  The service is run by Deborah Torraca, a human physical therapist who now educates veterinarians and their staff about animal physical therapy. 

Veterinary Specialists of CT has human physical therapists who have pursued training in animal physical therapy and offer their expertise in West Hartford. 


This Ruffwear front end lifting harness allows safe support and stabilization of your medium to large dog using a strong handle and broad sternal support. This is helpful for a dog who can walk on his/her own but needs helps on stairs or in and out of the car.  Their Webmaster harness is lighter but can also be a good choice as a lifting harness.

EZY Dog made a harness endorsed by Tripawds for front limb amputees. 

Help 'em Up full body harness supports front and rear, for medium to large dogs with more difficulty walking. 

Handicapped Pets sells multiple different styles of hindend harnesses to support weak hindquarters. 

Walkin' Wheels carts can be adjusted over time or for similar sized dogs.

Eddie's Wheels in Sturbridge, MA, makes custom-fit front and hind end wheelchairs for dogs and other animals. 


Basic context of feeding your dog with cancer. We will go into much more holistic detail on this in the clinic. 

A personal article in the human patient context about how to deal with the statistics of cancer. 


Though we are honored to offer euthanasia to those in need when the timing is right for everyone, we request that owners reach out to the services listed below for aftercare.

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