Chiropractic and What It Can Do for Your Pet

What is chiropractic care? -- Chiropractic care is the art and science of restoring function to the vertebrae of the spine and hence helping normalize the important spinal cord within. Did you know that chiropractic actually originated in the United States? We see chiropractic clinics everywhere these days, and most of us know people who use chiropractic care - this is because it helps them feel good, function well, and recover from dysfunction. 

How do animals respond to chiropractic care?  Sometimes animals are a little worried about what is happening at first. However, Dr. Matthews' style of chiropractic care is very gentle, though deep and effective. We commonly see painful, nervous pets relax as the dysfunction in their spines is released. Even rabbits really enjoy their chiropractic care, and Dr. Matthews has worked on animals as small as pet rats and guinea pigs. 

What can chiropractic care help with? We have seen chiropractic care help with the obvious cases, like athletes who aren't moving evenly or become reluctant to do their sport, or pets who fell off the bed or were dropped on their heads. Sometimes owner notice after a small accident like these that their pet seems off for a few days, and then seems better again.  We encourage you to bring those pets in!  The body will compensate for traumas that cause misalignments, but those misalignments can go on to cause trouble in the pets' later years. Although some primary and specialist veterinarians argue against chiropractic care for disc disease in the back or neck for fear of practitioners who use forceful methods, in our hands chiropractic care has been a very powerful tool that brings relief to disc disease patients, even or perhaps especially in acute situations. We also find sometimes that patients with internal organ disease such as heart or kidney disease have dysfunction in the spinal segments that innervate those organs.  Finally, it's not uncommon to find that rescue pets will have trauma patterns, or emotional releases, associated with their spines, that can be released to allow these deserving animals to better relax in their own bodies. 

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